Jane Melvin, captain of the ship


A writer and strategist at heart, Jane Melvin founded the company in 2002 as a way to have a broader influence on business and brands than she could working in just one place. Her first “corporate” job was in a start up real estate consulting firm (sewing canvas boat covers didn't exactly work out) doing feasibility projects and creating marketing plans. Her last one was as a senior officer at a Fortune 500 company, where her charge was… strategic innovations. She found her calling bridging her operational appreciation and experience with companies like McDonald’s and Darden Restaurants with her natural marketing instincts that she had applied to the marketplace at companies like Starbucks and Leo Burnett. She loved understanding the very heart of these companies and decided to try her hand at helping other leaders build other companies and brands.


With an MBA from the Yale University School of Management, a BA from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, an internship in the British House of Commons, and as a recipient of the prestigious Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, Jane brings powerful energy and a diverse spectrum of experience as a backdrop for tackling clients’ business problems.

Working with companies across sectors has given us tremendous perspective on strategy, leadership, innovation and how to be a catalyst for change. We strive to deeply understand our clients’ businesses so we can address their challenges with real, workable aligned plans. “Making ideas happen” - which is what Jane loves - requires ideas, a great plan, and the ability to both communicate and activate the plans for change. Got a challenge? Feel stuck? Bring it on.

Georgia Bagnall, StoryTeller and Project manager


Passionate about telling stories through film from a very young age, Georgia grew up in the wilds of rural France determined to teach herself the skills of film making. Spare moments at her remote school in the Pyrenees were spent writing screenplays, planning film projects and conjuring up stories in her head. During holidays she persuaded friends to help bring these creations to life. She hosted French and English teenagers and children in her makeshift summer film ‘camp’ each summer.

Those teenage projects gave Georgia an early grasp of leadership through enthusiasm (getting a bunch of grumpy, sleepy teens out of their sleeping bags is no mean feat), organization and above all inspiration to those around her to share in the joy of creativity.

At 16, Georgia traveled to Tanzania to create a documentary at an orphanage about the plight of women and children living with HIV/Aids. She interviewed the women with the help of a Swahili translator and was determined to find a platform to tell their story. The finished film was chosen to be screened at the closing ceremony of the Model United Nations Conference in Lyon and has since been used in French schools for educating children about HIV/Aids. Having already enjoyed a short internship at ‘Working Title’ in London, Georgia assisted the Production Manager on the award winning Amy Winehouse documentary, researching in English and French.


Determined to gain a place on one of the best film degree courses in Europe, Georgia persuaded her parents to let her live and study in central Toulouse, gaining a ‘Mention’ in the academically challenging bilingual Option International Baccalaureate at the International Lycée. The University of York (UK) offered her an unconditional place to study Film and TV Production and Georgia gained some of the highest marks the Department has awarded for her individual documentary film projects. In recognition of her dedication and talent for Producing the degree group projects, her Faculty advised her to apply for a place on the Producing Post-Grad course at the London School of Film, but, Georgia has instead decided to hit the world of work.

And we couldn’t be happier.