We're a strategy, innovation and creativity practice.


 We care about:

1.  Inspirational people.

2.  Big ideas.

3.  Work that makes a difference.

We provide a range of strategy and innovations services and products for leaders and teams.  We also shepherd The Five Faces of Genius model for creativity.

We work with people who create businesses, investors who fund them, leaders who build them and teams who turn them around.  We work with people who want to make a positive difference and we help our clients understand and drive change. 

We embrace Thomas Edison's philosophy, that "genius is turning thoughts into things."

For us, positive human connection and communication lie at the heart of change.  We help our clients articulate, prioritize and make tangible what they need to do to achieve their goals.  We help them dream, plan, resource, activate, serve and tell their stories.

Most of all, we help people live their big lives.