How We Do It Better

We help leaders and companies articulate and prioritize what is most important. 

We've done that work for ourselves.  It came down to three things.  These are our guardrails.

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As we contemplated starting the company, we thought long and hard about the kind of place we wanted to be and the kind of work we wanted to do.  In the end, it was really simple:  we were tired of wasting our time on work that was inefficient and meetings that put us to sleep.  Instead, we wanted to be around kindred spirits who know they can accomplish anything. We wanted to work with people who believe in possibility, accountability, clarity and action. Seventeen years later, this is still true.. and the secret to our success.

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wHO care about BIG IDEAS...

Hanging out a shingle always feels like taking a risk, no matter how much you believe you're following the right path, particularly when you leave a corporate behemoth to do it.  But doing so means you can choose where to spend your time and talents, and how you prioritize your time is how you spend your life. We've chosen to spend our time and talents with clients who want to work on big ideas, who want to change, who want to transform....  We're inspired by the big ideas we've been able to be part of.

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Somewhere along the way you figure out that to leave a mark on the world, you want to, in the words of Lady Antebellum, do something that matters.  In our tiny corner of the world we think about creating positive energy, human connection and helping leaders and organization live their big lives.  It might mean we make somewhere a better place to work, or we might improve a supply chain, and we might make someone believe a little more.  Whatever it is, for us to do it, it has to make a positive difference.

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