Building Connections

From New York to London to Miami to Singapore to Chicago to the south of France, we've organized, planned and implemented custom events for groups from small to large.  These custom events range from strategy off-sites to conferences to business re-launches, taking place in backyards, 5-star hotels and everywhere in between.

From beaches to buses, gardens to gratitude exercises, canines to crafting, city tours to meditation, we've found ways to bring people together, build human connection and strengthen organizations.

Exactly how we deliver the experience depends on the client objectives, the business challenges and the degree to which people are willing to trust our process.

We're delighted to work with organizations who believe sometimes you have to get a little crazy to learn how to be better at who you are.



Our friends at Leon Restaurants see their purpose to live as Well-Beings and making it well easy for others to do the same.  They have a great tradition of "Well-Being" days for their teams: we worked with them to plan the content for some of their days in a way that would inspire and bring to life many aspects of what Well-Being means to them.

MH Miami Conference Recap May 2015 LAST SLIDE.jpg


We've worked on strategic planning for our friends at McCann Health (awarded Agency Network of the Year at Cannes Lions health for two years running) for many years.  We were thrilled to work with them on a Global Leadership Summit that brought together leaders from their offices all around the world for the first time many of them could remember.

zz Beach Group 7.JPG


MAGNA Global had never had a global leadership meeting so it was the vision of their leader, Tim, to bring them together for the first time.  We hit Miami and took full advantage of being in South Beach in the middle of the winter for two great days of inspiration, perspiration and fun.  The teams got acquainted, built a few bridges and some even jumped in the ocean.

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