Creativity & Innovation

The Five Faces of Genius™ Model

The Five Faces of Genius Model identifies five unique mental architectures which were developed based on a year-long study of genius breakthroughs in the arts, science, and business. Learning the skills and perspectives of these "faces" provides people not only with insights into their own personal "creativity styles" but helps them unlock more of the potential of their own imaginations by learning to use techniques which might not come naturally or be intuitive to them.

We deliver The Five Faces of Genius workshops, as well as customized solutions for leadership development and leading creativity. All our programs are designed to help solve business challenges by teaching individuals how to better tap into their own creative genius.

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The foundation of our creativity training is the individual creativity assessment participants use to understand their creative styles.  By understanding their profile, they can play to their strengths but also learn to develop their weaknesses thereby increasing the tools they can apply when they need to create new ideas or solve challenging problems.

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Depending on a client's needs and the size of the group, we conduct one or two-day workshops where the entire team can experience the power of The Five Faces of Genius.  The workshop combines powerful personal insights, real-world tools and techniques, and new approaches that can be applied immediately to solve business challenges.

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We have developed programs for groups of 20 and groups of 400 and everywhere in between.  We use The Five Faces of Genius as a platform to create training programs in leadership, innovation and teamwork.  In addition, we move to the next level and work with small groups of leaders using The Vitalities, our approach to an even deeper level of creative insight.