Richard Beaven is a gifted photographer. 

Before that he was CEO of Initiative.  We loved working with our RB and we really appreciate his kind words about us:

"It is one of the most powerful personal and professional tools we have. The clear expression of complexity as simple thoughts and things is the basis of inspiring leadership the world over. As the availability of information increases so goes the need for simplicity. Just think about Google for a second. The algorithm is complex but the expression of it is brilliantly simple. From nowhere Google’s approach has earned its position amongst the world’s most valuable brands.

Simplicity galvanizes and enables people. It translates thinking into doing. We all like it but not everyone can create it.

Jane Melvin facilitates the translation of complexity into simplicity. This enables organizations and individuals to think and act in universally understood and effective ways. Simplicity is an art and Jane has honed unique skills and approaches to mastering it through relevant experience and application."