Get Involved

Part of living your big life is getting involved in things that matter in your community and in the world.  Find an issue you care about.  Find a person who inspires you.  Find a cause you believe in.  And then volunteer.  Do something to make the word better.  This year, we are helping make ideas tangible, and so we've volunteered our time and made a few websites for groups we care about. 

Genius, as Thomas Edison said, is turning thoughts into things. 

Action, we know, speaks louder than words. 

So we did both by building a few websites for causes we care about.  It's the least we could do.

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Supporting people who STEP up

Leadership is really important to us and this year, we are compelled to get involved specifically to help new leaders step up.  We were made aware of the candidacy of a woman we really respect who has never run for office before.  We wanted to help but we are located in a different state.  So while we hope to go visit and knock o a few doors, we decided to build her a website. Thanks for stepping up to serve, Chris!

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In the U.S we are blessed to live in a democracy, but lately our values and our citizenry have come under attack.  We'd like to help people find ways to get information in a non partisan way.  We refreshed and rebuilt the website for a local chapter of the League of Women Voters.  We hope this will help them be more relevant to more people in a time when we need all our citizens to get educated get involved and vote.