From developing value propositions to long term strategic plans, from leadership development to customized training, we work with a variety of clients across industries to help them crystalize who they are, articulate what they do and find ways to do it better. 

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Clients often bring us in when they are facing major industry change, a turnaround, or significant organizational shifts.  We work swiftly to help them make order from chaos, to simplify what is complex and sometimes overwhelming and we do it in a way that creates hope, optimism and organizational "fingerprints." We work closely with decision-makers to articulate, imagine and bring to life the change they desire.


With decades of experience in service-related industries, we are passionate about the positive human connection that both drives and results from a world-class service relationship.  We've worked across restaurants, retail and industry associations to help organizations understand and commit to a compelling service vision and then connect that vision to specific behaviors, resulting in happier team members and happier customers.

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Innovation in an organization is the application of creativity in a way that moves the business forward.  Sometimes, the organization needs help firing up the imaginations of its team and sometimes they need help in developing a process or applying the outcome of their creative efforts.  We are delighted to help people tap into their own creative firepower and are delighted to be Master Practitioners and the chief shepherds of The Five Faces of Genius model for creativity and innovation.

There are many behavior, creativity and style tools that are great for helping teams maximize the power of the entire team.  We're certified in many of them and we're big believers in many others.   Talk to us about which one might be right to achieve your objectives.