Aww, shucks...

The other day we looked in a file where we kept cards and letters people have written over the years and we were overwhelmed with the nice stuff they said.  We're blushing, but we have to admit... we're kind of proud....

“I get it now!”
– Group Account Director at a Global Media Agency

“When an invoice from you crosses my desk it actually makes me happy*- I'm glad we engaged you and know the team got really good value.”
– CFO, Global Communications and Media Company

(* Seriously, a CFO actually said this!)

“We just won two major pieces of new business. We would never have been able to be a contender without you.”
– Global CEO in Marketing Communications

“I am inspired after spending the day in your workshop.”
– Fortune 100 creativity workshop participant

“You are a joy to work with.”
– Fortune 50 President

"Thank you putting together such a purposeful and well run offsite. I think this is exactly what the organization has been needing - the results of the work will go a long way in improving culture, buy-in, and especially efficiency. I think we’ve found just the right resource to help us."
– Marketing Director at one of our clients

"You can see your love for the Academy and I can't tell you how much I appreciate putting your time into building the future (& now) of our industry."

- Cannes Young Media Academy Delegate, 2018

"You're like an agony aunt for strategy."
– Small business owner in the south of England.

“I usually don’t like strategy facilitators but I kind of like you.”
– Venture Capitalist from multi-million dollar enterprise.

“I cannot speak more highly of Jane Melvin’s strategic intellect, her action-oriented focus and warm, engaging personality.”
– CEO, one of the world’s largest marketing communications companies

“Jane created a very loyal base of fans across the world and her global mindset ensured that all international cultures appreciated her input to strengthen their local businesses. Hire her!”
– CEO, one of the world’s largest marketing communications companies

“You've been a tremendous asset us. We wouldn't have gotten anywhere close to where we are right now without your talents and initiative.”
– President, Board of Directors, healthcare professional organization

“Strategic Innovations Group Inc., helped us create a strategic vision for our new global marketing communications company.”

“You have a unique, compelling and caring way of speaking truth to power.”
– Advertising Agency Partner

“Better than therapy.”
– COO of a public company whose brand will make you really, really hungry

“Thank you for being a great friend and mentor. Thank you for teaching me "how to play" in the major league.”
– North American HR Director

“Can you please come back and do this for the rest of our team?  Seriously, they need to learn this.”
– Company president

“Jane is like bottled lightening.”
– EVP, Human Resources, Fortune 100 Company

“She’s a pretty good dancer.”
– Fellow ballroom dancer

“I saw Jane Melvin on the Today Show.”
– An old friend

“Have I told you today that you rock?”
– A company president (who’s hired us for three projects)

“You're like Mary Poppins.  We're sad when the project is over but we are happy for the next family who needs you.  And we know you'll be back.”
– Company CEO