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Kickstart Your Creativity. Use These Tools to Help You Become a Student For Life.

As we grow in our careers and collect more years of life experience, as more people come to depend on us, and as the scope of our responsibility expands, to maintain any level of balance, we start creating routines. Efficiency is a great thing, but too much efficiency and too much routine can be a creativity killer. If you want to make 2019 a year of becoming, and add some sparkle to your life, here are some simple tools you can use to become a student for life.

Think about how much time and energy you are willing to commit this year and choose the option that’s right for you. Download these tools, and if you want to join our creativity community, send us your information on the form below. We won’t pester you, but every once in a while we’ll send you tips or the gift of a little bit of inspiration.

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Daily Commitment

Most of us are actually learning new things all the time, but as we get stuck in the routine of our daily lives, we tend to focus more on the task and this everyday learning starts to become muscle memory, an unconscious part of our days. Simply noticing, making note of it, and taking a minute or two to push to notice or learn something new will add touches of vibrancy to your every day.

Added bonus; you’ll be a far more desired team mate for trivia games.

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Weekly Commitment

Isn’t it strange how the more choices we have the fewer we often make? We work for decades to be able to go on more frequent vacations and we find ourselves deciding to just take a day off and stay home. You don’t have to get on an airplane every week to add a little adventure to your life. There are lots of things you can do in just a few hours that will open your mind and spark new ideas.

Added bonus: you’ll become a great tour guide for out of town guests.

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Monthly Commitment

The more we live the more we know each year flies by even faster. Have you ever come to the end of the year and felt lie the events of the world, our your family or things out of your control defined that year? Part of the way to feel more fulfillment is to let your intention define your time on earth, not the events that happened to you, Make a monthly commitment to read or learn.

Added bonus: your 2019 social media reflections will be a lot more interesting.

If you come back when you get home from the summit these tols will be downloadable and you can get started!

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Watch this page for new updates and ideas. Together, we will learn a lot in 2019. And we’ll fire up a whole lot of creativity.